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Enter The Rabbit Hole - 2014

Unruly Child - The Genesis

It's the year 1990.

The band World Trade had run its course and Bruce Gowdy and I decided to try something new.
We had a lot in common. We grew up listening to the classic bands of the sixties and seventies. Everything in-between and including the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Queen and Elton John had had an impact on our musical tastes. We wanted to make music that had progressive elements, like World Trade, but we never wanted to lose sight of the the melody.

We started writing, but it was only the two of us - our first time in the studio without a lead singer or a band. We tracked it all by ourselves, we did our best on vocals and we sent it to our friends at Warner Chappell. They loved it but suggested that we get together with this singer that they knew who was, in their words, unbelievably talented. When they told us his name I couldn't help but smile. I had worked in the studio with Mark Free in 1980 for his band Modern Design.
They were right, he was unbelievably talented.

We re-tracked the vocals on our first song, "Let's Talk About Love", and couldn't get over how good the combination of the three of us sounded. There was something magic here and we knew we had to explore it. We started writing together and the songs came quickly.
We penned and recorded "To Be Your Everything", "Forever", "Take Me Down Nasty", "Lay Down You Arms" and "Is It Over" in just a couple of weeks.

The next logical move was to get a record deal. So we set out, just the three of us, playing in A&R offices with only a couple of acoustic guitars and our vocals. We hit pay dirt. The young company, Interscope Records, saw the potential in Unruly Child (an absolutely brilliant name that Mark Free came up with) and signed us right away. Beau Hill, one of the VPs at the label and a producer with just the right track record, was going to help us get our sound to tape.
It was perfect!

While the band has gone through many changes (mostly those of the revolving lead singer chair), it was always the creative spark between Bruce and myself that carried each incarnation of Unruly Child forward.
When we finally got to work again with Marcie after all those years, we were reminded of the magic that was so obvious over two decades ago.
The creative spark that truly defines Unruly Child is Marcie Free, Bruce Gowdy and myself.
We knew it then and we hear it every time we record something to this day.

Guy Allison
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