U N R U L Y C H I L D . N E T

Enter The Rabbit Hole - 2014

You Don't Understand

When you turn your face up to the sky
Do you see the full moon in my eyes
Does it make you stop and wonder why
You don't understand

It matters how I made you bleed
It was I who produced the bitter seed
You can't unlock the door without a key
You just don't understand

Don't you know
The day we said forever vows
Lies were not allowed
Don't you know
The pain still hurts beyond compare
When people stare
Don't you know

And on the night our stars fell out of line
It was more than my heart you left behind
If we can change our lives, why not our minds
I just don't understand

Don't you know
We try to keep it deep inside
Oh, we try to hide
Don't you know
Can’t we just learn to get along
It don't really matter who's right or wrong
Don't you know

I can never take back what I did to you
If I could I would make my amends to you
I will forever love you my whole live through
I hope you understand
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