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Enter The Rabbit Hole - 2014

Show Me The Money
(Free / Gowdy)

Ooh you’re like a Wall Street broker
You’re no penny ante poker
I’m invested in you and I’m in too deep
The way your dead cat bounces
And your ticker tape parades
You play for real and you always play for keeps

My credit was good
When you took a chance on me babe
But now you’re letting me down easy
And you got me sayin’ please, oh baby please
You’ve got me on my knees
And I’m a fool for you when you say…

Show me the money
And I’ll do anything that you say
Show me the money
We’ll go in style all the while if you pay
Show the money
And I’ll dance for you now
Show me the money

But you’re nothing but a penny stock chaser
A real high-speed racer
And your bankroll, babe, has got everything I need
With your capital gains, and your 2 for 1 exchange
My stock is on the rise
Now I see it in your eyes

Our future’s lookin’ bright
So let’s have some fun tonight
Just don’t short sell me babe
Or I might yield to maturity
It’s your income strategy
Until you’re through cashin’ in now

Show me the money
You’re just a high stake gambler
Show me the money
But you’re nothing but a midnight rambler
Show me the money
And you play for keeps now
Show me the money
I’m singing the Wall Street blues
Show me the money
My stock has crashed, I’ve been abused
Show me the money
I’m left with one thin dime
Show me the money
Oh, but I let you do it every time
Show me the money
I can’t resist your charms
Show me the money
When I’m laying in your arms
Show me the money
It’s worth the world to me
Show me the money
I’m living in luxury
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