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Enter The Rabbit Hole - 2014

To The Cross

Deep inside the man
LIves the hidden truth
And it bears a weight upon me
Barely see the road ever in my mind
Oh and it makes me think every time
So tear back my wet and tender dignity
Bury all the demons that I've run through
Stand upon the hill
Spread my arms until
Time does tell me what I gotta do

So now I'm goin', goin' to the cross
I'm gonna lay down my sword
And my fears I will toss
Now I can begin my life
Livin' like it's new
Knowin' what to do
So now I'm goin' to the cross

Well I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
But I never do
Hold it in your heart now
It'll all come true

Won't be brought down
By what I think is real
Carry all the messages that I'm due
Now it's time for me
Set my spirit free
Time has told me
What I gotta do

Oh I can't take it no more
Gonna give myself on up to it
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